Welcome to MyICO:
Your ICO personal file is available to you to view and keep up-to-date: 
Please sign in with your ICO Quickmail address, (the one shown in Our People - ICO Directory) if you require password assistance, please email: Admin@InnovativeCommunities.Org. Under no circumstances use ICO generic access password.
What you can do in MyICO:
  1. You may edit your private info e.g address and phone. 
    Please do not modify
    - anything in the sections "Internal Use" except your bio.
    - the email address with @InnovativeCommunities.Org

  2. You may access restricted information available only to Team Members. The data is sorted by strict levels of access. If you can't access a specific data set and you feel that you need to access, please email volunteer@InnovativeCommunities.Org

  3. If you also donate online to the Foundation, please always use your ICO  email address, not your home email address. Donor identification is private & confidential.

Restricted Information:

Reminder: The information that you access is private to our Team Members and must not be shared outside of ICO. Should you wish your "preferred phone" not to be shared with your fellow Team Members, please email volunteer@InnovativeCommunities.Org 

Available to all Team Members:
For Team Member Contact Information incl preferred phone -

Available to ICO Community Representatives & Secretariat:

For ICO Friends Contact Information incl preferred phone - 

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